Gribben Capital is an independent real estate brokerage that works in conjunction with Gribben & Associates to facilitate complex purchase and sale transactions. The brokerage has closed a range of unique real estate deals including the sale of commercial note interests, sale/leaseback reorganizations, and acquisitions using SBA financing products.

Why Use Gribben Capital as your commercial broker?

Unique Acquisition Opportunities: Gain access to unique investment properties through our affiliate law firm. Acquisition opportunities include corporate bankruptcies, hedge fund reorganizations, and distressed partnership situations.

Unique Disposition Opportunities: Gain access to retail and institutional buyers through our client database and relationships with cooperating brokerages. Ability to transfer equity through 1031 exchange into more diverse income-producing assets, including oil and gas interests.

Unique Deal Structuring Opportunities: Add immediate value upon acquisition through innovative legal structures that capitalize on government subsidy programs and specialized financing products.

Brokerage Services Include:
  • Representation in purchase and sale of commercial property
  • Mortgage brokerage services, including SBA programs
  • Execution of the G&A Clean Energy Acquisition Program
  • Asset valuations for real estate and mortgage notes (BPOs)
  • 1031 exchange structuring